Online Church Community

YCN is an online church community of the followers of Christ. Here you can find like-minded brothers and sisters, seek and provide prayer, learn discipleship, and connect with real-life church gatherings and events.

Who is Online Church For?

The Church Network is for anybody who has accepted Jesus as both Lord and saviour, repented and turned their life towards Christ. It does not matter if you are a "new" Christian or a mature disciple, nor does it matter what kind of church you attend nor what, if any, denomination you come from. What binds us together is a common desire to seek and implement the truth under Jesus' Lordship.

What's the Church Network Do?

Prayer and Teaching

Seek prayer and give it for others, bring your petitions and requests, worship and praise the Lord. Bring scripture and learn from others, teach and be taught, seek truth as we reason together in the Word. Online church is a great opportunity to dwell on spiritual truth.

Community Forums

There’s no reason you can’t have daily interaction and fellowship with other Christians as part of an online church, even if you work long hours or live remotely. Use our forums to engage in discussion, ask questions, help others¬† and engage with a community.

Real Life Fellowship

While online church can do many things, it’s not a replacement for in-person interaction. Promote local events, gatherings outreach and prayer. Help connect with others in face to face fellowship and community, and find out what’s going on in your local area. Can’t find anything? Start something!


Most frequent questions and answers

No we do not identify with a particular denomination, brand or anything of that kind.

Yes – most of them shouldn’t be too surprising, but you can read about our community guidelines here.

If you need technical help with the site, please reach out using the contact form. If you need spiritual guidance, teaching or assistance we encourage you to use the community forums or reach out directly to an individual member that you trust.


Join the Church Network today, and help us build a community of the disciples of Christ who live out their lives together, growing and equipping each other for service to the Lord.